Hello, I’m Jason.

I focus on AI engineering and engineering leadership.

In the late 80s, I taught myself to code on our family’s Commodore 64 and have loved building software ever since. A first-generation college graduate, I earned my degree in Computer Science in 2007 from RIT in Rochester, New York.

In 2008 I joined thoughtbot, a boutique consulting firm where I learned to balance technical excellence with the practical realities of early-stage startups. I developed and taught training courses on Ruby and Rails, and I advised clients on customer validation and hypothesis-driven product development. And I wrote a lot of code.

In 2013, I moved to San Francisco and joined the Minerva Project where I built software and led teams building our real-time multiplayer video classroom Minerva Forum and related products like multiplayer coding environments. I also built ML and NLP systems for admissions and university operations, and built and ran an applied machine learning summer internship for undergraduates.

In successive roles as a manager, director, and VP of Engineering, I hired, managed, and grew engineers and EMs, organized and gelled teams, directed engineering process, and represented engineering to the executive team. In late 2022, I left to explore my own product ideas.

Today, I’m a cofounder at Flowplay AI, a development platform for teams building products on top of LLMs. We make it easier to build complex multi-step agents and workflows, with a no-code editor and developer SDK that fit together so engineers and subject-matter experts can work together.